January 2021


This month we start our writing a picture book per month challenge.


By the 31st of January, tell us about the first picture book you wrote in the comments box below. When you post tell us the title. Who the main characters are. Plus, 1 to 2 sentences on what the story is about or you might want to let us know the theme.


Hopefully, this will keep you motivated to write one picture book draft per month during 2021.

Don't forget to share your achievement on social media (Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram) using #mypicturebookchallenge.


January's Tip


Have a notebook handy at all times to keep all your ideas. Try and choose a notebook you can around; one that fits in your bag. Don't forget to have a pen too.


Picture book ideas can come from any ideas:

  • Home and family

  • School

  • Holidays

  • Pets

  • Festivals and Celebrations

  • Nature and animals

  • Space

  • Imaginary characters

Don't forget the deadline is 31st January.

Happy January writing 🌸

January Picture Book Goal

Thanks for sharing!

Image courtesy of CristinaConti @ Dreamstime.com